Appreciate the Need for Balance in Our Lives

About Float Away Ningaloo

Float Away Ningaloo was opened in Exmouth in 2017, I eagerly jumped at the chance to establish the business because as a person who lives with chronic illness I truly appreciate the need for balance in our lives on every level – mind, body and soul.

I have put my body through the wringer in the medical world and my recovery was just about wholey and solely holistic. It took years of reading, research and some light bulb moments to realise what I needed to do to get myself into a better place. I really wish the medical world was more open to holistic therapies to complement the targeted therapies – to genuinely look after our bodies as a whole. With the help of some amazingly gifted people I am there!

I look forward to sharing the benefits of floating with you and can’t wait to hear your experiences too.

“Float in Zero Gravity... Clear your mind... Heal your body... Connect with your inner self"

Dr John C Lilly | Creator of Floatation Therapy