Our Float Tank

Australian Made Float Tank … Leader in Innovation

Only The Best

Here at Float Away Ningaloo we operate an Apollo Floatation Tank.  They are Australian made and manufactured in South Australia, the Apollo has been a leader in innovation with its unique, important non-claustrophobic sliding door design. Other groundbreaking features include comprehensive remote control and the first low-voltage DC heating system.

Our Apollo tank sits atop of an anti-vibration pad which minimises vibrations felt from the floor, in turn this helps to block out any external stimuli. The Apollo measures over 2 meters in length, 1.4 metres in width with a generous 1.4 meters height. To give you an idea of how spacious it is inside you can actually raise your arm up and not quite reach the ceiling – definitely not a tight fit if you are at all concerned about it being claustrophobic.

Inside the Apollo Tank

There is a step to guide you into the tank, entering through an easy to open sliding door.  With Handles located both internally and externally you are in full control of your float experience.  Whilst in the tank you will be able to operate the light and volume to suit your comfort level remembering that the Apollo tank is both light and sound proof.  You have full control of your environment at all stages of your float.


Spacious Float Room

The Apollo tank runs a low voltage heating system designed to keep the water at a temperature to match your skin which is around 35 degrees, additionally the water is only 30cm deep.  It will feel soft, silky and smooth against your skin with such high concentrations of Epsom Salts in the water. Floating effortlessly, your body will be freed from gravity and you will feel like your floating in outer space in no time.

If you are interested in seeing what it is like inside the tank, you may want to check out the footage from a Today Tonight segment below:

“Float in Zero Gravity... Clear your mind... Heal your body... Connect with your inner self"

Dr John C Lilly | Creator of Floatation Therapy